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Learn All About the Growing Lineup of Ford Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Sussex, NJ

Electric and Hybrid Ford vehicles at Nielsen Ford in Sussex

Drivers are finding more hybrid and electric vehicle options available to them, including our customers considering new Ford alternative fuel vehicles. There are more hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) among our new Ford inventory than ever before. These efficient, modern vehicles excite with the value that they provide, innovative features, and electric performance that stands up to the qualities you expect from Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs. This page highlights our new Ford EVs and hybrids as well as the benefits of buying an alternative fuel vehicle!

Benefits of Buying a Ford Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

Hybrids and electric vehicles for sale in Sussex, NJ continue to attract drivers interested in innovative vehicles that provide a lot of value. The added efficiency of hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles mean lower costs of ownership and less time at the pump. Electric vehicles are more affordable to maintain, too, and you can find many EV and plug-in hybrid vehicle tax benefits! Plus, the technology has come a long way, so alternative fuel vehicles are more exciting than ever.

New Ford Hybrid and Electric Vehicles for Sale Near Vernon, NJ

The lineup of Ford hybrids and EVs now covers more models and classes than before, which means even more car shoppers can enjoy the benefits that come from alternative fuel vehicles. We highlight the options below.

Ford Explorer Hybrid SUV available at Nielsen Ford in Sussex

Ford Escape Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid

The Ford Escape offers Lake Hopatcong drivers two hybrid engines, including a plug-in hybrid that has an electric driving mode perfect for shorter trips. This efficient crossover SUV excites with its style, performance, and features, and now you get even more value from it!

Ford Explorer Hybrid

Families are always looking for ways to save, and a new Ford Explorer Hybrid lets you save on a three-row SUV ready for anything. The Ford Explorer Hybrid is still extremely capable, with a towing capacity of 5,600 pounds, but you won't have to worry about filling it up as much!

Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford is a truck brand that leads the way in this class, and the new Ford F-150 electric truck near Newton, NJ is the most recent example. The Ford F-150 Lighting has a powerful electric motor, impressive driving range, a terrific feature package, and high towing and payload capacities.

Ford F-150 Hybrid

You don't have to jump into an EV to enjoy an efficient F-150 as this Ford truck offers a hybrid engine as well. This hybrid engine allows for towing up to 14,000 pounds, so you get the ideal mix of F-150 capability and efficiency that makes it a great value in the truck class.

Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck available at Nielsen Ford in Sussex

2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid Truck available at Nielsen Ford in Sussex

New Ford Maverick

Another truck option, the Ford Maverick, is a recent addition and quite unique. The Ford Maverick is a smaller truck that comes standard with a hybrid engine achieving up to 40 mpg. The smaller size makes the Ford Maverick the right truck for many city drivers as well as those that don't want to deal with a massive body.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Speaking of performance, the Ford Mustang Mach-E excites as an electric SUV from the Mustang family. The new Ford Mustang Mach-E packs up to 480 horsepower and has a range of over 300 miles. As a Mustang SUV, it has a sleek look yet impressive functionality and cabin space. In short, it's one of the most exciting Mustang models we've seen!

Ford E-Transit

Another recent addition to the Ford electric vehicle options, the Ford E-Transit is perfect for small businesses needing a cargo van that helps their bottom line. This Ford electric cargo van has the storage space, comfortable seating, and capability to help many companies, and the lower fuel and maintenance costs will mean more profit!

Let Us Know If You're Interested in Any New Ford EV or Hybrid Model

We hope that this helped you learn about the growing lineup of Ford electric and hybrid models at our dealership. You can see that we have alternative fuel options for a range of car shoppers, from businesses needing an electric cargo van to others wanting an electric performance SUV. If you want more info about these options, come by our Ford dealership or continue your search online by using our contact form below.

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