Ford E-Transit

The Ford E-Transit is Coming Soon to Our Commercial Van Lineup

Here at Nielsen Ford of Sussex, you can count on our commercial vehicles to bring you plenty of standout vans and trucks for your business needs. With the van lineup, the Ford Transit has multiple sizes from large vans to a compact utility van that can be configured in a variety of ways to help meet your daily work needs, and now Ford is introducing the all-electric Transit called the E-Transit in 2022, and it will help electrify your fleet.

What are the New Ford E-Transit Options?

The E-Transit Cargo Van is set to have a multitude of different options, just like the current Ford Transit lineup. This includes:

  • Three cargo van body lengths, which will be similar to the Ford Transit Connect, and the Transit XL and XLT editions, as you can pick the one that best meets your space needs
  • You will find three cargo van roof heights, including heights of up to 6-feet-9 inches on the tallest options
  • The Ford E-Transit will also be available as a Chassis Cab and Cutaway model to add versatility and help you better meet your business needs

How is the Ford E-Transit Powered?

Using a full electric motor system, you'll be able to attain 126 miles of upper electric range on cargo van low roof models, with ample power. You're going to find a 24-kW power option onboard, and this allows you to charge the tools you need to get the job done as well using available Pro Power Onboard which will operate separately from the engine. You're still going to be able to organize the entire inside for all different services and trades, plus you'll be able to get covered with depot charging for your fleet, as well as being able to use public and home charging options so you're always at enough power to drive through the area and get to work.

Additionally, there's onboard touch displays, telematics and driver assistance safety technology too, which give you and your fleet of drivers confidence out on the road.

Learn More About the Ford E-Transit Vans Today

Our team would be happy to provide more information on the electric cargo van options for business needs. Contact us and we can discuss your choice and set up a time to go over the details soon.

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