New Ford Bronco in Sussex, NJ

The All-New Ford Bronco

Has Returned to Sussex, NJ

Find Adventures in a Ford Bronco at Nelson Auto Center Inc.

The Ford Bronco is a great SUV for adventurers and thrill-seekers in Sussex, NJ. It has a rugged design, plenty of cargo space, a stylish roof and more.

Advanced 4x4 With Twin-Clutch Rear Drive

This feature controls the Bronco's rear-wheels independently, and it improves traction by distributing torque between the rear and front axles. It's a tactical system because it can sense when one of the four-wheels needs more traction.


G.O.A.T. is a terrain management system. It stands for Goes Over Any Terrain. With this system, you'll get many smart drive modes for your journeys around Newton, NJ. You can select

  • Normal for typical driving
  • Eco for fuel-efficient trips
  • Rock Crawl for rugged trails
  • Sport for highway cruising
  • Mud/Rut for soggy paths
  • Slippery for wet or icy roads
  • Sand for beaches, deserts and other dusty terrain
New Ford Bronco SUV for sale in Sussex, NJ at Nielsen Ford

Ford Bronco SUV for sale in Sussex, NJ at Nielsen Ford


A Ford Bronco has many features for the great outdoors near Lake Hopatcong. One of the highlights is the cargo management system. Unlike most SUVs, the Bronco has multiple storage solutions in creative locations. It also has highly useful features that benefit campers like floodlights, a bottle opener and built-in power outlets.

This SUV can seat up to five passengers in comfortable bucket seats. They have a contoured design that provides good back support, and you can get a variety of materials for the upholstery. In terms of space, the entire cabin is large, so it's very easy to stretch out and relax or carry all the equipment you need.


The Ford Bronco has an 8-inch touchscreen display with Ford's SYNC® 3 infotainment software. You can pick up navigation to get clear turn-by-turn directions to your next Sparta, NJ destination, and you can use voice commands, too. The infotainment system also has a variety of apps, Bluetooth® audio streaming, climate control and smartphone integration.

A B&O audio system and a wireless charging pad are also available for the Bronco. These next-level technologies are sure to heighten your experiences on the road.

New Ford Bronco SUV for sale in Sussex, NJ

New Ford Bronco Badlands SUV for sale in Sussex at Nielsen Ford
New Ford Bronco Badlands for sale in Sussex, NJ at Nielsen Ford


With a Ford Bronco, you get automatic high beams. This safety system is synced to a windshield-mounted camera. The camera can scan the road ahead when a driver exceeds 25 miles per hour. If it detects darkness and no traffic in the surroundings, the high beam lights can activate automatically. The lights can then automatically deactivate whenever an oncoming vehicle is within 2,000 feet so that you don't accidentally blind anyone.

The Blind Spot Information System can sense when a motorist is in a blind spot. When it detects danger, an indicator light can display in the sideview mirror.

The Ford Bronco has several systems that help you stay safely in your lane. It can activate when it senses the vehicle unexpectedly drifting out of its lane. Lane-Keeping Aid is one of these systems. It can supply some mild steering torque to guide the SUV back to the correct lane. Another system is Lane-Keeping Alert. It can vibrate the steering wheel to alert the driver to the fact that they're drifting. It can also issue an alert on the display.

Pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking is another useful safety feature for the Bronco. If a frontal collision is imminent, this system can warn the driver. If you don't respond to these warnings in time, the system can also automatically apply the brakes in an emergency.

Ford Bronco for sale in Sussex, NJ at Nielsen Ford

If you're looking for a new Ford Bronco in Sussex, NJ, you can pick one up here at Nelson Auto Center Inc.. We sell all four trims in our inventory of new Ford SUVs: the base model, the Bronco Big Bend, Outer Banks and Badlands. We can't wait to help you select the ideal model for your wants and needs! Plus, with Your Key, you can do your shopping online and in-store in any combination.