Used Trucks for Sale in Sussex, NJ

Find Used Trucks for Sale in Sussex, NJ

Modern used trucks have excellent capabilities. If you do not own a truck, there are great reasons why you should own one. Remember to contact us if you have any finance questions.

Why Buy a Truck

Trucks have strong engines for tough jobs. A typical truck will possess a V-6 engine or a V-8 engine. There is a standard version and a turbo version of both engines. A V-8 turbo diesel engine delivers pure power for towing.

If you buy a used luxury truck, you will experience total luxury at a fair price. Most automakers offer a top-tier truck with premium features or a high-end trim. Toyota's premium offering is the Tacoma Limited, and GMC's high-end truck is the Canyon Denali.

A pickup truck will you help overcome harsh weather around Vernon, NJ. From mud to snow, a truck will rise above nature's toughest challenges.

Browse Our Lineup

If you're looking for a quality used truck, stop by our dealership near Lake Hopatcong. We sell popular models by the top brands. Here are five trucks that we often have in stock.

A Ford F-150

A Ford F-150 evokes a sense of authority on the road. Most models will have a military-grade alloy body and a durable steel frame.

A Ford Ranger

This pickup truck is built for adventures. It can help you tow equipment to different campsites around Newton, NJ.

A GMC Sierra 1500

The GMC Sierra is a premium, light-duty pickup truck. Many models will boast a diesel engine and a multi-pro tailgate.

A GMC Canyon

A GMC Canyon is a mighty, compact pickup truck. It possesses useful off-road features.

A Chevy Silverado

The Chevy Silverado is a well-rounded vehicle. You can operate it in the city, at a construction site, and in off-road environments.