Everyone in the area knows summer is going to kick off real soon, and that means planning trips to enjoy the nice weather outside. Whether you're headed to the shore, or to the trails, and all points in between, you want to make sure your vehicle is ready to perform all summer, and our service center is here for all types of summer service and road trip repair needs.

We provide you with all types of maintenance from the routine to the complex, but in an effort to get ready for summer, we advise that you have the following checked and inspected so that you know there's no issue when out on the road.


  • Get your oil changed at the right intervals or if it's been a while
  • Get your cabin air filters checked and replaced so you're getting clean air inside your vehicle
  • Let us look at your air conditioning system to make sure you're getting good airflow and cool air in the cabin
  • Have your tires rotated to help reduce tread wear so they last longer
  • We can inspect your tires and make sure each has good tread and they have the right air pressure
  • Replace any wiper blades that might be getting old so you can clear off your windshield when it rains
  • Have your fluids topped off if it's been a while

Those are some of the basic repairs we can provide for anyone who stops in and sees us at Nielsen Ford of Sussex. To arrange an appointment, contact us online and we can schedule you in and make sure you get the services you need.

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