With nearby lakes like Lake Hopatcong and being close to the Hudson River area, many of us can get on the water and enjoy a quality day on the lake. Whether it's boating or simply sitting lakeside and relaxing, a SUV like the Ford Explorer or a truck such as the F-150 can handle it for you.

With both the F-150 and Explorer, you're going to find there's towing capacity options as the F-150 has class-leading towing in its segment for boats of all sizes, while the Explorer is capable of towing small boat options. Both provide standout versatility with the F-150 giving you a quality truck bed to load up more supplies, while the Explorer has ample cargo and passenger room to get all your gear in and your friends and family down to the lake to enjoy a day on the water.

It's nice knowing that your truck has the versatility to bring your boat to the water, but so too does an SUV like the Explorer and it's just one of many reasons people in the area are drawn to the new vehicle options at Nielsen Ford of Sussex. Our team can showcase them all for you, from the different colors, trim levels, and capability options you have to technology and interior amenities that can make a day on the lake that much more enjoyable. Contact us today and we'd be happy to get started soon!

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