Enjoy 4th of July around New Jersey in your Ford F-150

Fourth of July is right around the corner and we know you want to get friends and family together to celebrate one of our country's most festive days! We've put together some ideas of places you can visit nearby or in other parts of Jersey. If you're looking for a new vehicle to get you there, come check out a Ford F-150 pickup, as it's a model that definitely has a patriotic presence!


If you want to get a jump start on 4th of July shopping, head over to Jad's Farm Market in Sussex. It's open on July 3rd and you can stock up on food while also supporting local businesses.

Once the big day rolls around, you might want to get outside of the familiar Sparta and surrounding areas. If that's the case, here are some ideas.

Active 4th of July events

Get in your F-150 and drive over to the following races so you can get a workout in before noshing on hot dogs and hamburgers:

There's a 5K race for recovery taking place about an hour away from Vernon The Statue of Liberty 5K is both patriotic and helps support Special Olympics of New Jersey


When the weather is nice what better way to spend 4th of July than at the shore? With the F-150 you can tow up to 13,200 pounds, so that's plenty of power for a sizable vessel. When you take off from your Newton home you can feel extra confident towing heavy with the available blind spot monitoring system that also covers whatever you're trailering.


Fireworks and 4th of July are synonymous and there many fireworks shows that take place on the fourth or a few days before. Visit the website Best of NJ to see the list for all of New Jersey! Once you have your spot picked, load everyone into the F-150, turn on the navigation, and head out on your first summer adventure.

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