Is your Ford Escape ready for summer adventures?

Last month we blogged about how you could enjoy Memorial Day Weekend with the Ford Escape, and all the landmarks we mentioned are still worth visiting in the following weeks. Now we want to focus on making sure your Escape is ready for the summer, regardless of if you mostly stick to the Vernon area or travel further to visit friends and family.

Summer Service at our Sussex Dealership

Before the busy travel season really gets started, come into our Sussex Ford service center to have our service team take a look at your Ford Escape. They can perform a multipoint inspection and if something seems amiss they can order a part to complete a repair so you can travel safely and without any interruptions. This is especially true if you'll be using a Ford SUV or Ford truck to tow a boat from your Sparta house to the coast or tow a camper.

If you're coming up on a service interval for oil changes, brake inspections, battery replacement, etc., you'll also want to make an appointment to come in. As the summer months stretch on, the last thing you'll want to do is forgo a sunny afternoon in Newton to come in for service, so get it taken care of ahead of time.

DIY Summer Service

You don't need be have mechanical know-how to own a Ford Escape, and you can leave the harder things to us. That said, there are some smaller service needs you can take care of from your garage or driveway to ensure safer summer travels in your Escape.

  • Check your tire pressure monthly. Properly inflated tires get better traction and better fuel ratings
  • Make sure you have an emergency kit out back. You can buy one that's pre-made or build your own
  • If you have a rack on your vehicle, double check it to make sure it's secure before you venture onto the highway

For more tips on getting your Ford Escape (or any new Ford vehicle) ready for safe summer travels, don't hesitate to reach out to our service team.

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