The Ford Edge vs. the Honda Passport at Nielsen Ford

Ford and Honda are two brands with great reputations for producing high-quality models. When it comes to SUVs, both Ford and Honda have a lot to say, especially with the Ford Edge and the Honda Passport. Here at Nielsen Ford, we are proud to offer the Ford Edge, which we think outpaces the Honda Passport when faced head to head.

If you are searching for a Honda Passport near Sussex, we hope you take the time to visit us instead and take on the Ford Edge. Let us tell you why.

Why the Ford Edge Near Newton and Sparta?

First of all, the Ford Edge is much less expensive than the Honda Passport, translating to greater value.

The Ford Edge also offers more diverse powertrain options, even up to a 335 horsepower V6 engine, while the Honda Passport only comes with one V6 option.

The Ford Edge also drives better, as this mid-sized crossover handles better and delivers a composed ride. If you upgrade to the ST trim, you can further dial up a sporty performance.

Why the Honda Passport?

The Honda Passport can tow more and has a roomier cabin with more cargo space. You could also argue that the Honda Passport has a few extra soft features to add on as well.

Conclusion: We Choose the Ford Edge Near Vernon

The Ford Edge is the better version if you prefer a powerful drive with a kick, with elite handling in its class. The Honda Passport is the more expensive, duller option with admittedly more room and a couple of extra mindless features. It also tows more if you have need for that as well.

Regardless, the Ford Edge is for sale in Sussex, and we know you'll be thrilled to take it for a ride in our new Ford Edge inventory.

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