Get Your Vehicle Ready With Our Spring Service


At Nielsen Ford, we're all getting ready for Spring, and that means it's time to provide drivers with our spring specials here in our service department so we can help you get ready for the warmer months ahead, because summer will be here sooner than you think!

Right now, you can find a multitide of different specials, including our Spring special offer, which includes an air conditioning system tune up, a replacement of the cabin air filter, top off your A/C levels up to two ounces which adds essential dye and oils for more efficient operation, as well as antibacterial disinfectant to the system all for $149.95! If your vehicle doesn't have a cabin air filter, we'll take $50 off that price.

Along with that, we have our winter roads special, to help get your vehicle back to its optimal driving levels after going through cold weather, pot holes and more. This service includes a tire rotation, high-speed wheel balance and brake inspection all for a nice price of $69.95, while being a $89.95 value. We're also providing 15 percent off per axle on any individual brake job, too.

These offers expire on May 31, 2018 so be sure to stop in or schedule an appointment, and we can provide you with all the details and get started on your spring service soon!

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