Ford Drives U Program Gives College Grads a Chance to Save

College graduation season has finally wrapped up, and for those who recently were able to earn your degree, we here at Nielsen Ford want to extend our congratulations! Now that you're headed out to embark on your next journey in life, don’t you think you'd like to do it with a new set of wheels? You can with the Ford Drives U program that provides recent grads and current students with a chance to save on their next new Ford purchase.

Graduates and students who qualify can receive $750 off your next purchase or lease of a new Ford, which is a nice incentive to have as many of us are going to need a reliable set of wheels to drive. So, how do you qualify? Well, there are many ways you can!

If you're a college graduate of a two- or four-year college or university or a trade or technical school within three years of your graduation date, you're eligible for the program. So too are active college and trade school students enrolled in an accredited college or university, plus graduate students as well. The program even applies to those who are medical residents, in college internships or trade school apprenticeships that attend and complete coursework in a set period, as well as to high school seniors who have a letter of intent to attend a qualified college or university.

All we need is documentation like a transcript or diploma or letter from the registrar's office saying you meet the standards and we can get started on the process with you! If you're interested in finding out more, contact us and we'd be happy to offer additional insight, answer any questions and set up test drives today!

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